HIPAA Policy and Medical Fees

No Sign-up Fee Required

We now accept a limited number of insurance plans. In order to reimburse the physician for travel and processing time we charge a travel and administration fee for every visit. This fee is included in the first visit unless we have to file insurance forms.

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MDCM Fee Schedule

New Patient – Depends on the complexity and length of visit…

Please call 202-368-6820 for pricing. **

Our visit includes time needed to meet the physician and establish you as a patient after which our doctor will assess and diagnose your problem(s). We do not have 15 minute visits.

(Medications and testing are extra)  See fee examples below.

Established Patient – Subsequent visits – depends on the complexity and length of visit. Subsequent visits with insurance – your insurance co-pay or deductible plus our $80.00 – $200.00 *travel fee.

*Travel fee is based on mileage and other factors.

Phone or email consultation – $50.00
Skype or video consultation – $60.00
Prescription refill w/o home visit or phone consult – $25.00 to $50.00

We utilize contractors for labs and radiology who bill separately for their travel and processing fee. They also bill your insurance for the cost of the labs or X-rays.
Depending on length and complexity of visit, other charges may apply.
*Fees are subject to change

We accept cash and all major credit cards including health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts and debit cards.
$55.00 of our travel fee is for physician travel and must be paid in advance. This fee is non-refundable and will be credited towards your doctor’s  visit.
We measure mileage from zip code 20906.
Payment is due at the time of service. If we do not accept your insurance, as a courtesy, we will provide information needed by your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

 Rapid Strep Test  $20.00
 Flu Screen  $30.00
 Fingerstick Glucose  $10.00
 Oxygen Saturation  $10.00
 Urine Pregnancy  $15.00
 Spirometry  $10.00
 STD Screening  $25.00
 Rapid HIV Test  $20.00
 Basic Immunizations  $25.00
 Travel Immunizations  Varies depending on immunization
 Nebulizer Treatment  $50.00
 Urinalysis  $10.00